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1. Paragon CRT brings opportunity for your practice growth and patient retention.
2. Take advantage! Refractive surgery has created a market of patients wanting freedom from glasses and daytime contacts without surgery.
3. Paragon CRT sets the standard for Corneal Refractive Therapy not only with the first FDA approval for overnight CRT but also by offering a Total System which includes a Diagnostic Dispensing System and a Complete Practice Management Program.
4. With no age restrictions, Paragon CRT is the perfect option for active kids and teens who aren’t eligible for refractive surgery.
5. Paragon CRT rounds out your practice and is the perfect complement for refractive surgery and 30-day continuous wear lenses.

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Why Paragon CRT® is the right choice for your practice:

Specifically trained and certified in Corneal Refractive Therapy, Paragon CRT practitioners are part of an exclusive group. Paragon CRT gives you the opportunity to differentiate your practice from others and benefit from the growing consumer awareness of CRT.
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